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Brompton Regis Parish Council (BRPC) is one of thousands of parish and town, community and neighbourhood councils in England that are together called “Local Councils”. They are known as the first tier of local government. They are statutory bodies, meaning that they are a part of government. They serve their local population and use money allocated from the local Council Tax under a system called “the precept”. Local Council members (or local councillors) are elected at regular intervals by the people in the parish they serve who are registered to vote in elections. When not enough people stand for elections, or if a vacancy arises between elections, the Local Council may follow rules to co-opt an eligible person onto the Council. The Chairman and Vice Chairman of a Local Council are elected annually.

In Brompton Regis parish the Parish Council has seven members and its annual precept is defined every December. The annual precept is usually around £5,000.

The precept and other monies raised by the Parish Council are used to improve life in the parish and to supplement the work of organisations working to benefit the people living in the parish. Grants and projects that are funded include: donations to community groups, traffic speed and flow monitoring, new information signs and a defibrillator. The Parish Council owns the Lock Up in Brompton Regis village, a noticeboard at Brompton Regis village hall and another in Bury and a bench at the Lock Up.

BRPC employs a part time Parish Clerk to administer meetings and implement the BRPC’s decisions.

BRPC works closely with the Somerset Council Councillors elected for the area and the Exmoor National Park Authority

Parish Council meetings are open to the public. Agenda for meetings are published on its website which can be found on this website together with minutes of meetings and documents relating to its work.

Brompton Regis Parish covers an area from Bury to Withiel Florey, and from west of Beech Tree Cross to near Beulah Chapel. It lies almost entirely in Exmoor National Park. Largely bordered on the south by Haddon and on the north by the B3224, by area it is one of the largest parishes in the Brendon Hills. The population of the parish is scattered with about the same number of households living outside the village of Brompton Regis as the number within the village. Employment in the area is largely land based.

.st1{display:none}Register of Councillors’ Interests

Parish Councillors must declare any “interests” they have in matters which may be considered by the Parish Council. A form to do this is provided by the electoral authority and completed forms are submitted to it. Forms are collated and published by that authority.

Please use the following link to access the documents:

Brompton Regis Parish Council Register of Interests.

Please note that BRPC cannot be held responsible for the content of the electoral authority’s webpages. If you have any questions about the Register of Interests please contact the Parish Clerk.

.st1{display:none}Data protection

The BRPC is registered with the Information Commissioner as a “data controller” and works to ensure that it meets data protection regulations. The Council’s data protection policy, a statement regarding freedom of information and the Council’s “publication” scheme are included in the Council’s Standing Orders.

For any questions on these or other matters please contact the Parish Clerk.

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